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Arduino Flash Trigger Parts List

All parts used in the Arduino High Speed Photo Trigger video are very common and there are many different varieties of each. This is a list of the parts that I used in the video, but substitutions can be made:

+Arduino Nano v3.0
+Opto-isolator: Panasonic AQW280EH
+Piezo element: Radio Shack 273-059
+Hot shoe to PC Sync adapter: Hama HA-6950
+PC Sync Cable
+Powerswitch Tail Relay: Adafruit sells them with some useful extras!
+Jumper wire: these or these.
+Solderless breadboard
+Resistors: 4.7K for current limiting to Opto-isolator, 1M for the Piezo

posted on November 29, 2010 at 6:31 pm