Matt Richardson

Creative Technologist

Getting Started with Intel Galileo

Intel Galileo is a hardware development board that lets you write code and create electronic circuits to build your own projects. It's capable of acting as the brain in a robot, controlling haunted house special effects, uploading sensor data to the Internet, and much more.

Since Galileo is Arduino-compatible, you have a vast amount of resources from the world of Arduino available to you. These include code libraries that help you do complex things, expansion shields that make it easy to connect circuits, and a simple development workflow—which means you spend more time being creative and less time figuring out how to get things to work. Not only that, but you also have access to the enormous community of Arduino users if you run into trouble.

Getting Started with the Intel Galileo gets you up and running with the new, x86-powered board that was developed in collaboration between Arduino and Intel. You'll learn how to set it up, connect it to your computer, and begin programming. You'll learn how to build electronics projects around the Galileo, and you'll explore the features and power that make it different from all the boards that came before.

Developed in collaboration with the Intel Galileo team, and in consultation with members of the Arduino team, this book is the definitive introduction to Intel's new board for makers.

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